Studies have revealed that nearly 70% of learners now access their learning content via mobile devices.  We have designed the delivery of digital/mobile specific content that will give participants greater access to their PowerSpeaking material on the move, so that they have greater control over how, when, and where they learn.

For past or current participants in a PowerSpeaking course, Plus-Microlearning Videos is a library of 31 extremely high quality, creative, focused-learning bytes (3-7 minute nuggets) designed to personalize, extend, and reinforce the PowerSpeaking workshop learning experience.  Each video has been designed and produced as a direct extraction from elements of the PowerSpeaking® and HighTechSpeaking® programs and 1-1 coaching activities.

Plus-Microlearning Videos are accessible via the PowerSpeaking Mimeo digital library that also contains the associated workbook and workshop materials.  They are available 24 X 7 and precisely at the moment of a learning need.

They’re here: Speaking Up® Plus-Microlearning Videos! An additional 44 microlearning videos for our Speaking Up: Presenting to Executives/Decision Makers Content/Courses are now available in the Plus-Microlearning Videos library.

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