It is the Q&A that will get you.

Decision makers are listening. Speaking Up: Presenting to Executives teaches how to think on your feet and manage intensity, politics, and distractions while speaking to senior-level people.

This program provides the specific skills and insider knowledge that mid- and senior-level staff need to thrive, and is based on extensive interviews with C-level executives. It includes proven techniques for anticipating challenges, improvising, and handling Q&A.

Learn a repeatable methodology for executive-level interaction. You leave knowing exactly what's necessary to plan an engaging strategy and succeed under pressure.

Multiple formats are available, depending on your needs. Find out how to:

  • Prep in advance: researching personalities, expectations, and sponsorship.
  • Develop a focused bottom line.
  • Construct a well-organized framework that resonates with executives.
  • Convey the big picture while providing critical details.
  • Read the room.