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This will help me present technical ideas effectively to senior management.

Xinh Huynh

Computer Scientist


I'll have more impactful communication with my staff and executive team. This was the most useful class I have participated in.

Jason Reynolds

Senior Director


I wish I'd attended this years ago. Well worth traveling 6K miles for!

Alastair Parkes

IT Senior Director


With my more effective communication, I will build stronger relationships and improve efficiency / effectiveness.

Kerri Conrad

Sales Training Manager


The skills and practice in the two days have equipped me with more presentation skills than my whole semester in public speaking.

Quenda Robinson

Senior Inventory Accountant


This was fantastic. I was entirely engaged for 2 days. Good presenters, solid content that made sense and certainly something I can apply to many situations.

Walter Sulym

Software Engineer


Excellent program-very applicable to my responsibilities. I look forward to incorporating all that I have learned.

Michele Fukada

Senior Learning Partner


Great course! I used to think that good speakers were born and envied them. I have learned during the last couple of days that they can be made! I will be able to present and relay information better to peers and management.

Luz Osorio

Hardware Engineer


This course has broader applications than just presentations.

Bogdan Grigorescli

Senior Lead IS&T


I'm much more prepared for any type of presentation. More business leads to more doors opened, which leads to more opportunities.

Jaelene Goodman

Executive Cardiovascular Specialist