What’s the impact of ineffective communication on your organization?

Time wasted in meetings?

Projects stalled?

Lost opportunities because technical staff can’t make a clear business case?

Lost sales because salespeople don’t level up the conversation?

We Can Help!

300,000 trained and counting

Transform people’s speaking skills and transform your business. For 30+ years, people have followed our step-by-step techniques to engage audiences, connect with customers, and get buy-in for product ideas.

Get the format you need, face-to-face or online. Our master trainers offer large group sessions, intensive individualized-focused workshops, or personal coaching. Participants learn a step-by-step approach to achieve repeatable communication success.

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Five Essential Outcomes

Five Essential Outcomes

Why Choose Us

About PowerSpeaking, Inc.
We’re a global company. Our programs are integrated into leadership development programs for R&D, Sales, HR, Engineering and various other business functions.
We Live and Breathe Communication
  • Create unforgettable presentations
  • Speed up sales cycles
  • Make data come alive
How We Can Work Together
We’ll provide the format you need: online or face-to-face; 1:1 or 1:1,000. We create customized workshops to meet your specific needs.

How Our Clients Rate Us

How Are Clients Rate Us
CiscoThis is a very different class from other types of presentation classes. A more structured and valuable approach.
Dave Cronberger / Customer Solutions Architect
RocheWe wanted to give something to both our bench scientists and our director-level people. PowerSpeaking, Inc. was the only company we found that could provide programs at those levels. One crusty senior scientist went in skeptical, and came out saying ‘This the best thing I have had in the 17 years I have been here.’
Margaret Greenleaf / Training and Development
HitachiI believe this will definitely be a key to the advancement of my career.
Quenda Robinson / Senior Inventory Accountant
NetAppThis was the BEST class I have taken to date. I am very introverted and didn’t want to take it, but am extremely glad I did. Will recommend it to everyone.
Michelle Blank / Support Account Manager
TrimbleThere were so many topics and tools that I never thought about before taking this course. I am confident that it will further my career within Trimble as well as help my business unit make better decisions.
Aaron Phillips / Regional Sales Manager
SAPYour course validates the basics/common sense things and brings attention to details and importance of the right preparation to communicate effectively.
Ruchi Sethi / Lumira Business Development Manager
OracleBetter presentations leads to better decisions. This leads to better profits.
Dillip Praharaj / Database Architect
EMCAny success I’ve enjoyed here at EMC is due in large part to the great training I got from you guys back in 1989 when I was with HDS. You gave me the skills and the confidence to present with passion that opened the doors to traveling the globe many times over.
Tom Burns (upon retirement from EMC) / Innovative Partner / Client Solutions, Experientially Based Course Design
GenentechPowerSpeaking was the best and most practical workshop I have ever taken.
Ariel Mihic / Group Product Manager
CiscoExcellent feedback sessions. Great ideas to make presentations more effective.
Adam Mermel / Product Manager