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Do your subject-matter experts deliver clear, compelling talks at conferences?

If not, your team might ...

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Fail to make great ideas & findings clear

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Not be seen as thought leaders

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Lose opportunities for industry collaboration

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Miss out on potential customer contacts 

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Fail to persuade audiences to take action


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Not continue to grow their careers


helps subject-matter experts make a greater impact at conferences-and beyond 

Here’s the program at a glance

You’ll Learn How To...

  • Identify the three essentials of presentation skills
  • Understand the importance of a main message, action step, and anecdotal vs. analytical evidence
  • Learn how to address a “mixed” audience with varying levels of expertise
  • Learn how to effectively use stories, analogies, and examples to strengthen an argument and influence the audience
  • Understand how to anticipate and respond to questions
  • Identify which strategies to use to increase audience engagement in virtual presentations
  • Learn how to project personal confidence and credibility through effective delivery style

The Workshop Includes...

  • A clear, systematic presentation framework
  • Intensive, interactive practice sessions
  • 1:1 coaching sessions using practice videos
  • Supportive templates, handouts, and reference material

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Give your team the skills they need to make high-impact conference presentations, and you will . . .

  • Enhance your company's reputation in the industry and your markets
  • Position yourselves as thought leaders
  • Impress and engage potential customers
  • Create more opportunities to forge beneficial collaborations
  • Help your subject-matter experts get the industry recognition they deserve
  • Advance your team members' careers


will give your team the skills they need to make informative, engaging presentations and keynote speeches at conferences. Companies like eBay, Cisco, and LAM Research have experienced this program and seen extraordinary results

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it works

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We know you want your subject-matter experts to make an impact at conferences

Partner with PowerSpeaking, Inc. and give them the speaking and presentation skills they need


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We offer customized training
and coaching, to scale

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Up to 12 participants, typically one-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person session, including 1:1 coaching

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Up to 30 participants, typically two-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person sessions, including 1:1 coaching

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We understand. It's one thing to discuss or present specialized information among your team or with another department. It's another to deliver that same data at a huge industry conference. 

It takes a very different skill set to deliver clear, engaging conference presentations and keynotes. Do you and your team members have the skills needed to succeed at those highly visible engagements? 

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