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We believe that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard, and that everyone can learn how to become a more powerful communicator.


Describing our “secret sauce,” one client said, “Working with other vendors is transactional. Working with PowerSpeaking is transformational.” 

Transformational. That’s because our story is the story of people—Management and Staff, and our 30+ global Master Facilitators—who thrive on seeing clients transform their communication skills.  

We’re a fun, innovative, diverse team of expert communication facilitators and business people, many of whom started out life in different careers. Just to name a few: a lawyer and pharmaceutical sales rep; several engineers, stage actors, corporate managers, and journalists; a math teacher; executives in banking and sales; a psychologist; and a number of organizational and learning development leaders.

Different experiences, different perspectives—but all share a passion for PowerSpeaking, Inc.’s mission: helping people find and use their voice to make a difference.

How do you benefit?

When people find their voice and learn how to use it well, everyone in an organization benefits.  Good ideas are more likely to find wings, critical projects move faster toward completion, company goals are met—and, well, people just feel better about themselves and others.

Communication is often described as a “soft skill” in the business world—but there’s nothing soft about it. Through clear, compassionate human interaction, where we make clear and share ideas and perspectives, and listen to each other wholeheartedly, we can change the world.

How do we do it?

Our expertise is knowing how to turn ordinary communicators into superstars in the shortest possible time. They often come to PowerSpeaking, Inc. with excellent ideas, but missing the skills to craft and deliver content that communicates and connects. It’s hurting their careers. Their managers are hoping for a miracle. 

We help people overcome the fears that have crippled their natural persuasive powers to communicate by using:

  • The latest technologies
  • Sophisticated adult learning models
  • The most recent research in speech communication
  • Private, personalized coaching
  • Good old-fashioned cheerleading

And, the end result…transformation

What sets us apart?

99.5% of our clients say they recommend us to colleagues. Here’s why: Our methodology combines 35+ years of in-depth research, executive feedback, and hands-on experience. Expect an unforgettable experience led by Master Facilitators, and featuring:

  • Video recording with 1:1 coaching
  • Step-by-step behavioral techniques for delivering a memorable message
  • Customized programs in varying formats: face-to-face or virtually

What’s our story?

It started in 1985 when founder Rick Gilbert left his corporate training job in Silicon Valley to start his own company. His passion was helping people break through their fear of public speaking, find their voice and their own passionate message, and deliver it in a way that moves people.

Four years later, Rick’s partner Mary McGlynn joined him in running the young company. They worked out of their ground-floor den, and Mary says, “We’d often be working to the raucous sounds of our small daughter and our office manager’s daughter playing upstairs.”

From the beginning, we strove to create an energizing environment for expressing ideas, creating community, and sustaining connections with the extended PowerSpeaking family.

Fast-forward to today, with more than 1,500,000+ people trained worldwide.  We carry on the same passionate drive to make the world a better place by helping people become authentic, compassionate, powerful communicators.