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Our passion and expertise is in helping you and your team become more powerful communicators. We design programs that meet client needs, with research-based, experiential learning that is transformational.

And we put a premium on nurturing relationships, whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, a tiny startup, or something in between.

Mary McGlynn

Owner and President

Having run the company for more than 35 years before semi-retiring, you could say I’m the keeper of the flame for our extended family. The passion, results, and extraordinary relationships we built live on through our brilliant facilitators, dedicated staff, and wonderful clients.

Carrie Beckstrom

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, my happy place is in inspiring this extraordinary, expert team and our clients to new heights, where powerful, passionate communication brings out the “leader” in everyone—and creates meaningful connections.

David Azevedo

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

I get a thrill from defining our sales and marketing strategies, leading our amazing sales team, and working closely with clients to make sure they are thrilled with the impact of our training programs and our working relationships.

Lonnie Smith

Director of Sales

There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than building relationships with clients and potential clients who want to become more powerful communicators, learning exactly what they need, then matching them with the best programs and services.

Nathan "Nate" Scott

Director of Sales

I believe in the power of forging connections, both in business and in life, and I bring this passion for connectivity to every endeavor I participate in. My passion lies in identifying growth opportunities to enhance my client's experience and build lasting relationships.


Shavonne Ekeledo

Director of Business Operations

The “business” side of the business is where I’m happiest. From setting operational policies and procedures to overseeing day-to-day systems like finance and payroll, I strive to ensure the business runs efficiently and effectively.

Mark Brumley

Senior Director, Learning and Development

I absolutely love helping people reach their fullest potential! My approach is all about bringing a strategic, innovative, and energetic touch to positively impact how we learn and grow.

Brian Moore

Learning and Development Manager

I’m endlessly fascinated by the intersection of learning systems and cutting-edge technology.  So, I manage our virtual offerings and assist in continually updating our program content and delivery to keep PowerSpeaking in the forefront of our industry.

Andrew Moore

Digital Content Manager

Whether it’s video production, graphic design, audio engineering, paving the way for meaningful collaboration or just making sure people know where to find things, I get endless joy out of combining art and technology.

David Binder

Lead Facilitator

There is nothing like the feeling of providing a best-in-class learning experience for our clients - one that provides practical, transferable skills and helps people reach their full potential. I am all about making sure our programs and facilitators do exactly that!

Charlene Bumagat

Client Service Delivery Manager

I’m all about the gazillion details involved in the logistics of delivering our programs. Schedules, bookings, venues, client support—you name it. I work closely with our internal team and clients on a daily basis to make sure the workshops come off without a hitch.

Kerry Nickell

Client Service Delivery Manager

I work alongside Charlene to provide all the logistics support for the programs. I’m focused on detail and communication and work closely with all internal teams and client contacts to ensure we provide a seamless service. My passion is to provide our clients with excellent customer service, which in turn enables us to build strong and lasting relationships.

Taylor Lewis

Business Operations Coordinator

I handle the day-to-day administrative activities that keep the business humming. From new-client setup to managing invoices, purchase orders, and payroll, I assist in ensuring that operations are running smoothly and meeting the needs of our clients and staff.

Frederick “Rick” Gilbert, PhD

PowerSpeaking, Inc. Founder, Retired

Back in 1985, as a former psychologist, corporate training manager, president of the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a long-time Toastmaster, I could see the widespread need for presentation skills training. I started the company with the goal of helping business people build their confidence and their careers. I retired in 2016 after 30 rewarding years helping to grow this remarkable company.