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Elevate Your Communication Skills With Powerful Storytelling™

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Powerful Storytelling

Learn the art and science of storytelling in business

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If you aren't leveraging the power of great storytelling, you're missing out


Without this powerful tool, your team might ...

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Fail to make complex information clear

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Risk making their messages forgettable

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Miss chances to be more persuasive

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Fail to create a shared sense of purpose

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Reduce their impact as project leaders


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Fall short in inspiring people to action

Here’s the program at a glance

You’ll Learn How To...

  • Adopt the mindset necessary for authentic, powerful storytelling
  • Understand why we tell, and love listening to stories
  • Recognize the differences between business and personal stories
  • Craft a cohesive, compelling story using our 4-Step Storytelling Framework
  • Drive a change in perspective by tapping into underlying values and emotions
  • Employ stories to persuade and move people to action

The Workshop Includes...

  • A clear, systematic storytelling framework
  • Three steps to spark action
  • Storytelling styles
  • Intensive, interactive practice sessions
  • One-on-one coaching sessions using practice videos
  • Storytelling toolkit

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Transform your team's storytelling skills,
and you will . . .

  • Succeed more often in launching ideas and moving projects forward
  • Help people better understand and remember complex information
  • Forge deeper, more productive relationships by humanizing business communication
  • Inspire people to buy-in and action
  • Create a shared sense of purpose
  • Be a more effective leader or project manager

Powerful Storytelling™

will give you the communication skills you need to move people, and the business forward. Companies like Autodesk, Cisco, and Oracle have experienced this program and have seen extraordinary results

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it works

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We understand the negative impacts of unclear, uninspired communication  

Partner with PowerSpeaking, Inc. to learn how to use stories to influence and inspire


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We offer customized training
and coaching, to scale

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Up to 12 participants, typically one-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person session, including 1:1 coaching

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Up to 30 participants, typically two-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person sessions, including 1:1 coaching

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We know that a lot of people either don't understand how to use stories effectively in the workplace or are afraid to try. And while it's true that we're not all born storytellers, the fact is, anyone can learn how to get better at it. 

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