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If your team members’ data aren't clear and compelling, they won't have a powerful impact

And the results could be costly...

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High-impact projects will be stalled or ended

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Good ideas won’t get the support they deserve

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Executives won’t deliver the needed decision or approval

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Most audiences won’t be persuaded to take action

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Working relationships might suffer

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Team members’ careers won’t advance as quickly

Our workshops give your team everything they need to transform their presentation and speaking skills

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Transform Your Team's Communication Skills and They Will . . .

  • Succeed at engaging and influencing others
  • Achieve high-impact results
  • Drive the business and their careers to new heights

Partner with PowerSpeaking, Inc. to take your team’s skills from ordinary to extraordinary!

  • 99.5% of Program Participants Recommend PowerSpeaking, Inc.
  • 1,000,000+ Individuals and Teams Upskilled Worldwide
  • Named 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies by Silicon Valley Business Journal

We Offer Customized Training and Coaching to Scale


Small-group Workshops

Up to 12 participants, typically one-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person session, including 1:1 coaching


Large-group Workshops

Up to 30 participants, typically two-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person sessions, including 1:1 coaching

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High-Powered Presentations Equal High-Powered Results

You’ve no doubt seen the effects of poor communication at work: lost sales, stalled high-impact decisions, initiatives that fail, time wasted in ineffective meetings, and even disengaged employees. Companies lose millions, if not billions of dollars a year because of poor communication. And yet to this day, communication skills training typically takes a backseat to development programs that are seen as having a direct impact on the bottom line.

But what could be more bottom line than enabling people to make more sales, speed decision making, drive successful projects, run efficient meetings, and boost employee engagement?

There are many communication training firms. But few of them customize their offerings to your team’s needs. Nor do they offer research-based, targeted training for specialized groups, such as content experts who need to communicate highly technical data or pitch ideas to senior management. Fewer still offer a proven communication framework that can be used across your organization.

Our expertise is in knowing how to turn ordinary communicators into superstars in the shortest possible time—and then, offer support and resources to ensure they can continue their learning journey. The result: People who know how to cut through the data fog, drive decisions through the pipeline, sell products and ideas, slash meeting times in half, and forge stronger relationships inside and outside the company.

Describing our “secret sauce,” one client said, “Working with other vendors is transactional. Working with PowerSpeaking is transformational.”

When you partner with us, you benefit from...

  • Solutions that meet your team’s needs and are scaled to your organization
  • The latest, interactive learning technologies
  • Sophisticated adult learning models
  • The most recent research in speech communication
  • Expert Master Facilitators and Coaches around the world
  • Lots of compassion and support
  • Post-workshop and coaching resources for continuous learning

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it works

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2. Select a Solution

3. See the Transformation

We know you want your subject-matter experts to drive the business forward

Partner with PowerSpeaking, Inc. and give them the speaking and presentation tools they need

99.5% of Program Participants Recommend PowerSpeaking, Inc.

1,000,000+ Individuals and Teams Upskilled Worldwide

Named 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies by Silicon Valley Business Journal


to transform technical experts

into powerful presenters

You and your team are probably comfortable and highly effective when presenting to peers, especially those familiar with your area of expertise.  Like your peers, you not only find the technical detail interesting, but also necessary to sell you on an idea or convince you to act. Problem is, people outside your circle of specialists have a completely different perspective. 

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And the end result for your team is...


So, get the tailored, expert communication training your team needs to power your organization to the next level

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