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Fast, Focused, Flexible Skill Development

When your team needs the power of laser-focused training on a critical presentation or communication skill, we have the answer.

Our PowerBlox™ suite of 90-minute workshops zero in on the communication skills we know enable people to have the greatest impact in their jobs, on the organization, and in their communities.

Each workshop provides highly interactive, intensive learning and practice, plus expert feedback so the learning sticks. 

The result: Your team leaves with skills and tools they can apply immediately.

Plus, PowerBlox™ workshops give you flexible, scalable training options. Your team or organization can use them as standalone sessions, springboards to more comprehensive workshops, or refresher courses to reinforce what they learned in a workshop. And they’re designed for all levels and group sizes. 

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Concise Messaging

This workshop improves your team’s ability to create and deliver information and key messages in a clear, succinct, and memorable way. They’ll learn an audience-centric approach that avoids information overload, increases comprehension and retention, and drives decisions and actions. Plus, they’ll practice responding to questions with clarity and confidence.

PowerBlox Concise Messaging

Strong Executive Opening

This workshop increases your team’s impact at the executive level by learning the critical differences between presenting to peers vs. decision makers. They’ll learn to understand the executive mindset, do an audience analysis to anticipate questions, and craft a compelling, bottom-line opening that drives decision making. As a bonus, they’ll learn to leverage the power of an executive sponsor for support.

PowerBlox Strong Executive Opening

Handling Tough Questions

This workshop elevates your team’s skill and confidence when responding to challenging questions during presentations, meetings, and other interactions. They’ll learn how to anticipate concerns, plus paraphrase conversations to identify and address deeper issues and needs. They’ll benefit from Master Facilitators who model proven strategies and guide role-playing in dynamic situations.

PowerBlox Handling Tough Questions

Effective Presentation Design

This workshop enables your team to break away from dull, confusing, overwhelming slide decks. By using a proven three-step plan, they’ll learn to create clear, concise, audience-centric content that is visually appealing. In the process, they’ll become more strategic and streamlined in communicating essential information, reinforcing key messages, and delivering meaningful, memorable slide presentations.

PowerBlox Effective Presentation Design

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