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Workshops and Coaching that Help Professional Women

Be Clear, Confident, and Courageous


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If your team members’ data aren't clear and compelling, they won't have a powerful impact

And the results could be costly...

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High-impact projects will be stalled or ended

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Good ideas won’t get the support they deserve

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Executives won’t deliver the needed decision or approval

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Most audiences won’t be persuaded to take action

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Working relationships might suffer

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Team members’ careers won’t advance as quickly

Confident Speaking for Women is designed to help your team have a greater impact on the organization, in their communities, and in their career—all through clear, confident, courageous, communication

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Transform Your Team's Communication Skills and They Will...

  • Increase their confidence and credibility
  • Get the product, project, or budget approval needed
  • Gain support for ideas and projects that benefit the business
  • Build stronger relationships within the organization
  • Advance their career and mentor other women
  • Have a greater impact on their community

Your Team Will Learn How To...

  • Deliver a confident introduction
  • Identify common “talk traps” and practice speaking more concisely and confidently
  • Develop a well-organized message for speaking up in meetings
  • Increase impact through direct language
  • Project credibility through effective nonverbal language
  • Use the PREP Model to make requests, respond to questions, and assert opinions

The Workshop Includes...

  • A clear, systematic messaging framework
  • Intensive, interactive learning
  • Real-world advice from female executives featured on video throughout the workshop
  • Small-group situational feedback and actionable advice

Confident Speaking for Women will give your team the communication skills they need to move people, and the business forward.

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People Are Telling Us...


“Because of this program, I will stand out and won't be overlooked. I will present myself the way my male colleagues do when they speak to leadership and customers.”

— Sara Elster
Solutions Program Manager, Salesforce


“Better communicating and getting valid points across will benefit my company goals and hopefully encourage others to do the same.”

— Clara Khachan Cano
Architect at Cloud Transition Practice, Guidewire


“I now feel confident about being more concise and assertive. Hopefully, other females will then see it as a norm.”

— Eimear Conroy
Financial Retirement Planning Advisor, Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd

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We Offer Customized Training and Coaching to Scale


Small-group Workshops

Up to 12 participants, typically one-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person session, including 1:1 coaching


Large-group Workshops

Up to 30 participants, typically two-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person sessions, including 1:1 coaching

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You and your team are probably comfortable and highly effective when presenting to peers, especially those familiar with your area of expertise.  Like your peers, you not only find the technical detail interesting, but also necessary to sell you on an idea or convince you to act. Problem is, people outside your circle of specialists have a completely different perspective. 

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And the end result for your team is...


So, get the tailored, expert communication training your team needs to power your organization to the next level

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