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Be Clear, Confident, and Courageous

Communication Skills Women Need to Increase Their Impact At Work, Engage Their Communities, and Power Their Careers

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You want to have an impact on your organization's success, and be recognized for your accomplishments and potential

But you're running into obstacles. Any of these sound familiar?

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You can't get management to take your ideas seriously

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Your peers don't understand the key messages you're trying to convey

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Your employees don't seem to understand your directions

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Because of miscommunication, you have a hard time driving projects to completion

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You've been passed up for advancement because management doesn't see your value

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You could use a strong mentor but don't know how to find one

Confident Speaking for Women™ is designed to help you have a greater impact on the organization, in your community, and in your career—all through clear, confident, courageous, communication

Here’s the program at a glance

You’ll Learn How To...

  • Deliver a confident introduction
  • Identify common “talk traps” and practice speaking more concisely and confidently
  • Develop a well-organized message for speaking up in meetings
  • Increase impact through direct language
  • Project credibility through effective nonverbal language
  • Use the PREP Model to make requests, respond to questions, and assert opinions

The Workshop Includes...

  • A clear, systematic messaging framework
  • Intensive, interactive learning
  • Real-world advice from female executives featured on video throughout the workshop
  • Small-group situational feedback and actionable advice

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Learn how successful women communicate, and you will . . .

  • Increase your confidence and credibility
  • Get the product, project, or budget approval you need
  • Gain support for ideas and projects that benefit the business
  • Build stronger relationships within the organization
  • Advance your career and mentor other women
  • Have a greater impact on your community

Confident Speaking for Women™ will give you the communication skills you need to move people, and the business forward. Companies like Genetech, Twilio, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have experienced this program and seen extraordinary results

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it works

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We understand how poor communication skills can get in the way of success

Partner with PowerSpeaking, Inc. and learn how to be clear, confident, and courageous

Proven Strategies for Elevating Communication Skills

Fortune 500 Female Executives Contributed to Course Content

99.5% of Participants Recommend Us

People are telling us . . .


“Because of this program, I will stand out and won't be overlooked. I will present myself the way my male colleagues do when they speak to leadership and customers.”
— Sara Elster

Solutions Program Manager, Salesforce


“Better communicating and getting valid points across will benefit my company goals and hopefully encourage others to do the same.”
— Clara Khachan Cano

Architect at Cloud Transition Practice, Guidewire


“I now feel confident about being more concise and assertive. Hopefully, other females will then see it as a norm.”
— Eimear Conroy

Financial Retirement Planning Advisor, Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd

We offer customized training
and coaching, to scale

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Up to 12 participants, typically one-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person session, including 1:1 coaching

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Up to 30 participants, typically two-day virtual, hybrid, or in-person sessions, including 1:1 coaching

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Break Through Barriers with Powerful Communication

We understand that women still face unique challenges and barriers in the workplace. Some come from the outside, some are self-imposed. No matter the source, the impacts are the same: ideas that go nowhere, projects that fail, opportunities lost, and a stalled career. Often, what could have overcome the obstacles and spelled success is one thing: clear, confident, courageous communication.

The female leaders we've interviewed emphasize how important it is for women to first become aware of how they're contributing to their own ineffectiveness. Only then can they learn the skills necessary to become respected, powerful communicators who get results, build relationships, and create value. 

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