Speaking success means different things to different people.

To some, success might be advancing up the corporate ladder by becoming a composed and influential spokesperson. To others, it could mean learning how to truly impress decision makers, or how to present dense technical material in a way that’s actually compelling. Then again, success could simply be developing the courage to stand up in front of others.

Becoming a confident, persuasive speaker is the key to any one of these aspirations.

That’s where PowerSpeaking, Inc. comes in. We help your employees and leaders become the presenters they’ve always wanted to be—focused, relaxed, natural speakers who can engage others and get results.


PowerSpeaking, Inc. is a global company that delivers presentation skills training for people at all career stages. With our proven techniques, people become natural speakers who communicate important ideas and get results.


99.5% of our clients say they recommend us to colleagues. Here’s why: Our methodology combines 30+ years of in-depth research, executive feedback, and hands-on experience. Expect an unforgettable session led by two master trainers, and featuring:

  • Video recording with one-on-one coaching
  • Step-by-step behavioral techniques for delivering memorable presentations
  • Customized programs in varying formats: face-to-face or online

President’s Perspective

Mary McGlynnWHY?

Describing our “secret sauce,” one client said, “Working with other vendors is transactional. Working with PowerSpeaking is transformational.” Communication, and more specifically, presentation skills, is often described as a soft skill—but there’s nothing soft about it. Through human interaction, a deep connection of ideas, and the ability to hear other perspectives, we can change the world.

From Tracee at the front desk to our most senior facilitator, our entire team thrives on seeing that change happens time and time again. People leave with new confidence to shape the future. As one manager told us, “After my team came back from PowerSpeaking, it was like they put on a Superman costume.”

Our expertise is knowing how to turn ordinary communicators into superstars in the shortest possible time. They often come to PowerSpeaking, Inc. with excellent content, but missing the skills to craft and deliver content that communicates and connects. It’s hurting their careers. Their managers are hoping for a miracle. Our clients expect results—and get it. This not only produces more self-assured employees, but ultimately, more competitive companies.

Helping with personal and professional transformation is not just our work, it is our mission and our passion.


We help people overcome the fears that have crippled their natural persuasive powers to communicate. We use:

  • The latest technologies
  • Sophisticated adult learning models
  • The most recent research in speech communication
  • Private, personalized coaching
  • Good old fashioned cheerleading

And, the end result…transformation

Rick Gilbert

Our Founder

PowerSpeaking’s founder was Frederick Gilbert, PhD. As a former psychologist, corporate training manager, president of the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a long-time Toastmaster, Rick could see the wide-spread need for presentation skills training. He started the company in 1985 with the goal of helping business people build their confidence, and their careers. Rick retired in 2016 after thirty rewarding years helping to grow this remarkable company.