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Anshu Arora


Anshu Arora’s deep experience with diversity and cross-cultural exposure in the speaking arena comes from more than 24 years of international work as a Global Master Facilitator, executive coach, PechaKucha coach, assessor, author, and podcaster.  She has worked with 80+ partners across EMEA, APAC, US, CWAR, UAE, Australasia, Nordic Region, and Sri Lanka.

Anshu’s experience includes:

  • Coaching and training across a wide variety of industries, from IT to health, engineering, and government, and fast-moving consumer goods.
  • Offering customized experiential and simulation-based training solutions for leading Asia-Pacific organizations’ executives and future leaders.
  • Certifying and helping trainers enhance their facilitation skills through her flagship program, “Train the Trainer.”
  • Acting as the internal trainer certifying partner for fast-moving consumer goods and manufacturing industry giants.
  • Delivering motivational talks that empower people through behavioral change.

Anshu has nine training-product certifications. She holds a degree in English literature, an MA in public administration, and diplomas in advertising, communications, and public relations.

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