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David Goad’s 30+ years of experience in corporate marketing, speaking, on-camera hosting, and video production in the technology industry give him a unique coaching perspective. He helps clients communicate with clarity and confidence, and teams to collaborate with less friction.

David’s experience includes:

  • Producing and hosting a talk show at Cisco that went to 18,000 sellers worldwide. In the process, he learned to effectively coach senior executives to tell a compelling story with authenticity.
  • Facilitating workshops on “Connecting with Clients” and “Presenting on Camera,” skills that are increasingly in demand in today’s remote-collaboration environment.
  • Keynote speaking and facilitating workshops that help sales teams generate more qualified sales conversations using video and social media.
  • Preparing executives to be media-ready for PR interviews.
  • Being invited as one of only two male speakers for the “Women of Influence” audio compilation, on which he contributed the modules “Disarming Difficult People” and “Presenting Online.”

David’s “Short Stories with a Point” blog is a collection of autobiographical parables that evolved into the book “Getting to the Point,” an inspirational and often funny read.  All proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

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