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Gabriele  Trommer



Heading up our German affiliate, Gabrielle Trommer has developed a unique way to combine her knowledge and experience as a psychologist with her business training and coaching. Mindfulness and self-reflection are key elements of her work.

Gabriele’s experience includes:

  • Designing and conducting a broad portfolio of leadership development programs for all levels of executives.
  • Developing customized designs for team-development workshops.
  • Facilitating large international conferences.
  • Providing executive coaching to support leaders in mastering the challenges of high performance, work-life balance, and empowerment of team members.
  • Guiding and coaching large corporate change initiatives and culture change programs.

In her 35+-year career, Gabriele has worked with passion and high engagement to bring out the best in people. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of Heidelberg.

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