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Isabel began her career as a journalist and (later) editor, specializing in medicine, health, and science. Since 2005 she has worked as an independent trainer and coach, with a focus on communication skills training, message development, and storytelling for business. Most recently, she has helped executives develop and articulate their unique value propositions in the workplace.  Given her background in the health sciences, it’s no surprise that she has worked with most major international pharmaceutical companies. 

Isabel’s experience includes:

  • Helping clients communicate powerful messages to a variety of audiences, through media interviews, presentations, meetings, and negotiations.
  • Moderating advisory boards and press conferences.
  • Providing for numerous pharmaceutical companies, communications training for internal staff, industry-sponsored health-care professionals, and key opinion leaders.
  • Conducting communications training for university academic staff, patient advocacy group executives, and the general public.
  • Setting up a UK-based patient advocacy group—now international—on the pregnancy complication pre-eclampsia, following a personal experience of the condition.
  • Co-authoring, with Professor Chris Redman of Oxford University, the award-winning book, Pre-eclampsia: The Facts, published in 1992, and Understanding Pre-eclampsia, published in 2017.  

Isabel holds an honors degree in English literature from Nottingham University, UK, and is certified by The Coaching Academy as a Professional Personal Performance Coach.

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