Join us on June 15th for PowerSpeaking Live!: From Fearful to Courageous Presenting



John Warren, PowerSpeaking’s first contract trainer, says, “I get a thrill from working with exceptionally smart people, especially engineers and scientists, to help them present their ideas in a compelling manner that boosts their self- esteem and advances their careers.”

John’s experience includes:

  • Delivering a wide variety and ever-evolving suite of PowerSpeaking workshops and coaching sessions for 30 years.
  • Being heavily involved in all of PowerSpeaking’s virtual programs on multiple platforms.
  • Managing and delivering PowerSpeaking’s ConferenceSpeaking programs with CiscoLive.
  • Serving as the primary speech coach for TEDx in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Mentoring all of PowerSpeaking’s international trainers as they go through the certification process.
  • Managing the education departments in three different hospitals.
  • Teaching management and customer relations skills in the healthcare industry.

John holds a MS in mathematics. He has a passion for cooking (studied in Tuscany) and travel (lived in Antigua and Italy in recent decades). He has also been involved with the Mankind Project, building men of integrity, compassion and purpose.

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