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Empowering clients to find their own confidence and share their truths with their audiences is what drives Mitesh Kapadia every day.  With a BS in engineering and a MS in information systems, he has helped clients with communication skills ranging from business writing to negotiation, to team building and presentation skills.

Mitesh’s experience includes:

  • In addition to training clients to be better presenters and to strengthen executive presence through PowerSpeaking workshops, Mitesh also teaches business writing with the Ariel Group, communication and negotiation skills through Bold New Directions and dynamic team building workshops with TeamBonding.
  • Engaging with international audiences in India, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Canada, and having presented to audiences of more than 10,000 people.
  • Working as an IT auditor for Goldman Sachs.
  • Teaching yoga, mindfulness meditation, and personal growth as a business.
  • Leveraging insights and skills from the world of improv theater.

Mitesh offers clients the unique combination of a technical background and a sensibility that is deeply rooted in personal development and spirituality.

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