Thousands of people follow our methodology successfully. We blend adult learning models and speech communication with individual, stop-action coaching.

5 Essential Outcomes


Our methodology is rigorous, but never feels robotic. PowerSpeaking blends academic research with industry feedback.

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What to Expect

It’s a personal experience. Participants get one-on-one coaching as they build skill upon skill. Our programs include techniques for planning a memorable presentation, delivering it effectively, and responding to questions, interruptions, or challenges.


This was fantastic. I was entirely engaged for 2 days. Good presenters, solid content that made sense and certainly something I can apply to many situations.

Walter Sulym / Software Engineer


One of the best trainings I’ve taken. It builds on my current skills and something that I can immediately put into action in my professional life.

Sai Natarajan / Product Manager

Any success I’ve enjoyed here at EMC is due in large part to the great training I got from you guys back in 1989 when I was with HDS. You gave me the skills and the confidence to present with passion that opened the doors to traveling the globe many times over.

Tom Burns / Innovative Partner / Client Solutions, Experientially Based Course Design (Upon retirement from EMC)

Enhanced communication equals higher revenue. Extremely useful course. This is absolutely a core competency.

Chris Bre / Territory Manager

I witnessed significant improvement in presentation skills and styles in my own presentation and the others in the room. Career changing.

Chris Jeffrey / Senior Manager IT

Silicon Valley is very fast paced. Thank you for giving me more than presentation skills. Life is too short not to get better at this skill.

Linda Henson / Senior Director Corporate Operations

The most important thing I am taking away from this is confidence and the eye connection which helps with the flow of the entire presentation.  

Susan Gregory / Senior Vice President


This was an eye opening and incredibly powerful training session. Loved it.

Sacha Drazien / Senior Account Executive

This group has been in other courses where the organizers have lost control of us. The training was great and kept everyone on task, energized, and focused. Really great.

Jeremey Sasson / Product Manager


I haven’t done a presentation in four years and this has paved a fast track back to effective speaking.

Tom Rasmussen / Technical Account Manager

The session was incredibly interactive, allowing for real-time practice of challenging scenarios.

Lloyd Goodman / Territory Account Manager