We provide coaching for leaders at all levels, individual contributors, content experts, and small groups with a focused need.

Here’s How You (and Your Organization) Benefit:

When you and your team dramatically improve your presentation and communication skills, you will be able to:

  • Drive high-impact ideas and projects through the pipeline faster
  • Speed decision-making on strategies and tactics
  • Influence your decision makers
  • Inspire engagement and commitment among key players
  • Be a more effective change agent
  • Elevate your career potential

Skills We Can Help You With:

  • Building your confidence and managing nervousness
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Developing and structuring your message/content
  • Crafting a concise, compelling elevator pitch
  • Creating a winning sales or project proposal
  • And more. . . (see the program download)

What You Can Expect:

  • Pre-planning: develop a theme, organize the flow, and create effective visuals
  • Practice: intense, 1:1 sessions incorporating video and feedback from Master Facilitators
  • Post-session feedback: extensive followup with notes and analyses, plus action steps for reinforcement and improvement
  • Just-in-time: phone, video conference, in-person

Whether you are preparing for an important talk or just need help in becoming a better communicator at work, we’re here for you.

To schedule a coaching session book below for more information, call 800-828-1909 or email coordinator@powerspeaking.com


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