In our 30-plus years of teaching presentation skills, we’ve encountered many scientists and engineers who are also gifted presenters. Good science and good presenting aren’t mutually exclusive. That said, we’ve also seen many, many technical presenters in business who deliver stone-cold data dumps that leave their audiences confused or annoyed—or worse, as in the case of a C-Suite audience, unwilling to approve the project or funding the presenter was hoping for.

Some of the very practices that make for good science—a rigorous, sequential process for investigation and a dispassionate objectivity—make for poor presenting.  So, our motto with HighTechSpeaking® is, “increase the signal and decrease the noise.”

PowerSpeaking’s HighTechSpeaking Plus Video Library—like the live, research-based workshop it complements—teaches you how to deliver complex information, simply and persuasively, so you get the results you want.  And best of all, it’s in a digital format for people like you, who want the option of on-demand learning, on the move.

If you’ve taken the live HighTechSpeaking course, the Plus Video Library can serve as a just-in-time refresher of the skills you learned in the workshop.  If you haven’t taken the course, the library is a rich resource of strategies and tools taken directly from the workshop.

The HighTechSpeaking Plus Video Library gives you 31, 3- to 7-minute microlearning videos, each of which covers a focused, specific skill from the workshop.  And you can access them anytime, anywhere, from any device. Here is a sampling of video titles in the library:

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Video Titles Included:


  • Understand the Three Essentials of a Presentation (2:50)
  • How to Cater Your Message to Your Audience (2:30)
  • How to Write an Action Step (3:58)
  • How to use Anecdotal Evidence in your Key Points (5:59)
  • How to Deliver to a Mixed-Expertise Audience (1:59)
  • How to Write a Wrap Up (3:11)
  • Presentation Template Overview (2:51)
  • Understand the Benefits of Pattern Disruption

Handling Questions

  • How to Manage Your Time (1:25)
  • Discussion Management vs. Question Management (3:21)
  • How to Handle Challenging Audience Members (2:49)
  • Learn the Discussion Management Model (3:56)

Virtual Presentations

  • Learn How to Successfully Present Virtually (5:53)

Visual Aids

  • Visual Aids-Effective Slide Design (4:39)

Body Language

  • Effective Eye Contact (3:58)
  • Effective Facial Expressions (3:25)
  • Effective Stance and Movement (2:42)
  • Effective use of Pausing (2:38)
  • Overview of 7 Elements of Style (1:55)