If you want to develop the essential skills necessary for successful business presentations, we offer an on-demand, digital-learning alternative via our PowerSpeaking® Plus Video Library.  You’ll learn how to organize content logically, incorporate natural style effectively, and manage the environment skillfully, all while building confidence along the way.

If you’ve taken the live PowerSpeaking course, the Plus Video Library can serve as a just-in-time refresher of the skills you learned in the workshop.  If you haven’t taken the course, the library is a rich resource of strategies and tools taken directly from the workshop.

The PowerSpeaking Plus Video Library gives you 44, 3- to 7-minute microlearning videos, each of which covering a focused, specific skill from the workshop.  And you can access them anytime, anywhere, from any device.  To give you an idea of the breadth of knowledge you’ll receive, here’s a sampling of video titles in the library:

So, are you ready to become an engaging, effective presenter?

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Video Titles Included:


  • Understand the Three Essentials of a Presentation (2:50)
  • How to Effectively Tell a Story (4:41)
  • How to Write a Main Message (4:33)
  • How to Write an Agenda (3:10)
  • How to Write Transitions (3:01)
  • How to Write an Opening (3:46)
  • How to Use Stories in Your Key Points (4:41)
  • Understand the Benefits of Pattern Disruption

Handling Questions

  • How to Anticipate Questions (2:46)
  • How to Paraphrase Questions (3:41)
  • How to Handle a Monopolizer (2:20)

Virtual Presentations

  • Learn How to Successfully Present Virtually (5:53)

Visual Aids

  • Visual Aids-Effective Slide Design (4:39)

Body Language

  • Effective Gestures Part 1 (4:13)
  • Effective Gestures Part 2 (5:57)
  • How to Use Your Voice (6:33)
  • Overview of 7 Elements of Style (1:55)