Powerful Storytelling

Engage and Connect With Stories

Stories told well in a business setting have as much power and potential as they do in our personal lives. They clarify and humanize complex data. They help people relate to business imperatives on an emotional level, leading to buy-in and action. And they create unique opportunities to build a stronger sense of community and purpose in the workplace.

Our Powerful Storytelling workshop is designed for people at all levels who want to learn how to become more engaging, effective storytellers in a business environment.

The course takes participants on a journey that begins with understanding how and why stories can be so powerful. Then, through highly interactive sessions that include examples of master storytellers, participants learn the components of any good story. They develop and practice delivering a business story using our 4-Step Storytelling Framework. Practice sessions, 1:1 coaching, and feedback help participants adopt and retain the lessons learned.


Participants learn how to …

  • Adopt the mindset necessary for authentic, powerful storytelling
  • Recognize the differences between business and personal stories
  • Craft a cohesive, compelling story using our 4-Step Storytelling Framework 
  • Drive a change in perspective by tapping into underlying values and emotions 
  • Employ stories to persuade and move people to action 


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