Speaking Up
Presenting To Decision Makers

Presenting to senior executives is a world apart from your standard department update. And unless a presenter learns to adopt their 10,000-foot, bottom-line mindset and deliver with that perspective in mind, success is unlikely.

In this series, presenters learn how to make their first line their bottom line; how to skillfully switch from one-way presenting to the dialogue executives want; and how to deal with challenging questions, distractions, interruptions, politics, and heated discussions. Providing best-practice highlights from PowerSpeaking’s in-person Speaking Up: Presenting to Decision Makers program, the PowerStart series is a great first step to mastering presentations at the top.

Key Themes

  • Understanding the unique perspective and skills needed when presenting to senior executives
  • Learning how to make the first line the bottom line
  • Dealing with heated discussions, politics and distractions


  • Building a reputation for clear, decisive communication
  • Making data more clear and meaningful, even to mixed audiences
  • Fast-tracking the journey to higher levels within the organization

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