PowerSpeaking Virtual:  A History of Expertise

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We’ve been creating and refining our virtual training offerings for more than a decade. That means expert, customized solutions for your organization.

PowerSpeaking, Inc. offers a rich array of virtual training options:

Live, Virtual Workshops and One-on-One Coaching

All of our in-person workshops can be offered—or converted due to last-minute schedule or travel issues—in a virtual setting. The same goes for our one-on-one coaching. Eliminate travel expenses while still benefiting from the same high-quality content, real-time interactivity, and Master Facilitator-led sessions as in our in-person programs.

Online, On-Demand Training

Wherever you are on the globe and no matter what time it is, you or your team can access virtual, on-demand training videos for our most popular programs.

Get a jumpstart on HighTechSpeaking® or Speaking Up: Presenting to Decision Makers®, with PowerStart microlearning modules. Each two- to four-minute episode in a series focuses on a critical skill, and includes activity-based worksheets for on-the-job practice and skill retention. PowerStart can be used as a standalone skill-building and reference library, and also, as a great jump-start on a journey to more in-depth and varied training.

Our Plus Video Library was designed primarily as a collection of self-paced, byte-size refresher videos for people who have already participated in a live PowerSpeaking®, HighTechSpeaking®, or Speaking Up: Presenting to Decision Makers® in-person workshop. Each three- to seven-minute episode allows viewers to go over specific skills again, at their own pace, in order to increase retention of lessons learned.

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