Melinda Henning

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Melinda Henning has a gift for drawing out a compelling performance.  Her quick insight is fueled by 30 years of professional experience and more than 12,000 private coaching sessions.

Melinda’s experience includes:

  • Coaching thought leaders to create and deliver riveting TED talks; guiding executives to move their messaging and speaking skills from competent to charismatic; and training top technologists to explain complex information in a clear and engaging way, in both small- and large-group settings.
  • Advising startup teams on crafting and delivering compelling venture capital funding pitches.
  • Leading training sessions for employees at all levels in technology, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and financial services companies across North America, in Europe and in India.
  • Authoring, marketing, and delivering her pioneering Doing Business By Phone™ training series.
  • Designing and orchestrating speaker-intensive fundraising events that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for social benefit organizations.

Melinda has taught at the University of California at Riverside, the Stanford University Social Entrepreneurship Collaborative, and at Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth summer camps.  She wrote the original business plan to launch PowerSpeaking, Inc. 30+ years ago as an MBA project.